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At present, all of our rifles are built around three reliable and time-tested actions.  The Remington 700, Stiller Firearms line of actions, and Surgeon line of actions.  We now feature Huber Triggers on all of our rifles for a small additional charge.  We are also offering Mcree and XLR Industries stocks for all of our rifles.  All of our rifle components are of the highest quality and meet our exacting standards.  Weapon Art will be applying the finish to all of our rifles.





Black Rifle Series


Our line of "Black Rifles" includes the Police Duty Rifle, the Tactical Duty Rifle, the Urban Duty Rifle and the Sniper Duty Rifle, all of which have barreled action bedded into the appropriate H-S Precision Stock.


Black Rifle Series

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Other Tactical Rifles

Currently, R&B Rifles offers a version of the U.S. Marine Corps M40A3 Sniper Rifle (both "Civilian" and "Military" Models), the International Sniper Rifle, and the U.S. Army M-24 Sniper Rifle for the long-range tactical shooter.


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M40A5 - .408 Cheytac

M40A5 - .408 Cheytac

338 Lapua

M40A3 Military (Civilian)
M40A5 Military (Civilian)
M40A3 Civilian Version

International Sniper Rifle


U.S. Army M-24 Sniper Rifle

Hunting Rifles

The R&B hunting rifles fall basically into two categories: the Light Hunter version and the Varmint Hunter version.  We have found that these two types of rifles usually satisfy most hunting applications.

Light Hunter

Varmint Hunter 



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